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On behalf of the Indigenous Schooling Support Unit Central Southern Queensland, I would like to acknowledge your services in relation to the Work Life Balance Session you specifically designed and delivered to 30 of our staff in October 2012. Our expectations were exceeded in the quality of the content and the materials you presented.
-Tom Byne, Director of Schools Indigenous Schooling Support Unit
                      Central Southern Queensland

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For over 25 years Ronita Neal has worked as a Workplace Rehabilitation Coordinator, Employee Assistance provider (including Education Department in Queensland), Advisor in Psychology to a large Workers Compensation Insurer, as a Lecturer in Workplace Rehabilitation, Researcher, and as a Psychologist in private practice providing treatment to workers, managers and business owners experiencing “stress”.  Through workshops and online programs she has made available right now, she will help you and your employees reach your maximum potential and still enjoy the benefits of a balanced life.

Ronita Neal
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